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Welcome to Seitenreport, the well-known SEO and website analysis for better websites. Seitenreport analyzes your website in over 100 professional analysis points and has been continuously developed since 2007.

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Technical analysis

Seitenreport analyzes any website for errors and compliance with current standards so that the website is displayed correctly on every device. A variety of professional analyzes are available for this, e.g. the HTML error analysis.

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Perform analysis

Keyword analysis and SERPs

Finding optimal keywords for good search engine rankings is now even easier with the new page report. Semantic dictionaries and automatic checks help you find the keywords that are most beneficial.

Seitenreport Keyword Analyse

Content analysis

The content analysis uses common scientific methods to check how well the texts on your website are readable and whether they fit your target group.

Seitenreport Content-Analyse

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Link analysis

follow, nofollow and more: automatic analysis of the link structure of your website with determination of internal links, outgoing links, anchor links, follow and nofollow links, links with empty title and more.

Seitenreport Link-Analyse

SEO analysis

All SEO indicators at a glance: Seitenreport analyzes your website for all important SEO ranking factors and gives you helpful tips for improving how you can improve your website's positions in the search engines

Seitenreport SEO-Analyse

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Backlink analysis

Seitenreport analyzes existing backlinks to your website and gives you tips on how you can further improve the link structure. Both the top backlinks and a list of less relevant backlinks are listed. With Seitenreport you get important backlink key figures such as on link and domain popularity.

Seitenreport Backlink-Analyse

Security analysis

Detection of spam and viruses: The website check monitors your website for defective code, spam links and spam, as can occur in forums, for example. In addition, hashes can be used to check whether the content of your website has changed without your intervention.

Seitenreport Security-Analyse

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Performance analysis

A high website speed is indispensable in search engine optimization nowadays. But not only Google, but also your visitors enjoy a fast website. Evidently, more speed leads to more sales and more satisfied visitors on the Internet.

Seitenreport Performance-Analyse

Headline analysis

The SEO and website analysis of Seitenreport is not only extremely fast, but can also analyze websites to a depth of 1 million pages. The results are clearly grouped together in the analysis dashboard.

Seitenreport Headline-Analyse

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Accessibility analysis

Track your keyword rankings on search engines, especially Google. In addition to the positions over time, any microformat snippets that may be present in the search results (SERPs) are also displayed.

Seitenreport Barrierearmut-Analyse

Improvement Tips

Only the Website Check Seitenreport has well over 100 analyzes to analyze any website as profoundly as no other. Made by web and SEO professionals for you as a website operator. Start now to perfect your website with a page report.

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Why seitenreport website analysis

Seitenreport is one of the best-known SEO and website analysis portals in the German-speaking countries. Seitenreport was founded in 2007 and has been successfully on the market for over 12 years.

Seitenreport has one of the largest analysis ranges in German-speaking countries. All analyzes are tailored to the optimization of websites and homepages.

All SEO and website analyzes are continuously developed and the analysis report is continuously expanded. As a user, you benefit from one of the largest analysis contingents available in the current SEO analysis market - most of the analyzes are even available to you free of charge.


Page reports are used by various agencies, SEOs and webmasters to optimize their own websites or the websites of customers. In addition to SiN and many others, Mister Wong, for example, already reported on the page report in the Wong Letter and the reader service of Deutsche Post.

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